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ME-IR Conversion

Mulit-Engine-IR conversion


ME-IR - Conversion

If you are holding an ME-IR - ICAO rating

you can do the IR(A) conversion, on a ME-Aircraft this will give you the full ME-IR Rating on the EASA side.

The only difference of the IR-SEP conversion will be, that you have to do the flying part of the conversion flight training on a ME (Multi-Engine) aircraft.

in the end there will be a ME-IR skill test on a ME- Aircraft.

For all details - just see IR-Conversion


Details and Requirements

Your ME-IR-ICAO Rating

  • Has to be valid 
  • And current

Is there a minimum flight experience required?

No, because it is not a full IR(A) conversion

Medical Class

According your licence

RT license

To fly in Europe you need to have a Radio Telephony (RT) licence.

If you don't have a EASA-RT lisence you can do it with us.

Language proficiency check (LPC)

All EASA  - Pilots have to have at least a Level 4 of the ICAO language grading.

You can do the LPC with us. If you do it in any other school - check weather this school is interntionally approved by the CAA-Uk

Rating Issue

The rating will always be included in the license you are holding, weather in a valid PPL or CPL.

Independently of which state of Europe you licence is hold.

EASA flight training Academy

We are certified by:


We are certified by EASA directly and you can conduct all you Flight-Training with us, from every EASA country.



you can conduct all Skill Test  and LPC with us,  as a holder of a any licence/Rating from every EASA country