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NEW´s 2021


Residential ATPL course and residential PPL-CPL and ATPL theory written Test - with uns in JEREZ

Form now on we will have on-going ATPL   residential theory training   (classes) .... You can join in!  Just tell us when you like to start. ATPL residential


now we have residential PPL, CPL, IR and ATPL written TESTs in our own TEST-CENTER in Jerez

FI- Flight Instructor Training

We will have several FI-Courses in 2021 please enquire via e-mail for the next starting date highest level - UK teacher with more than 8000 h of training experience! read more....

SponsorShip-Program for Flight-Instructor Training

to become a Instructor with Fly in Spain -
Become a member of the TEAM....  

Just contact us by E-Mail

CAA-UK - national licenses --> conversion to EASA-License - you will be allowed to fly our EASA aircrafts !!


We have just managed to get the permission to allow
all UK-PPL licence holder fly our EASA-Aircrafts,
to built up there required 100h of flight-time and to
convert there UK-national-License to an EASA-PPL-License.
Just contact uns, by email and make an appointment for your licence-conversion with us in Spain-Jerez.
In case that you have any doubt about this:
After the BREXIT 1.1.2021, all UK-Issued-Licenses now are changed from EASA-Licenses to National-UK-Licences, what means, you are not anymore allowed to fly any EASA registered Aircraft

COVID-19 - Renewals and Revalidation of Ratings EASA


The most of the Aviation Authorities of the different EASA-Countries have decided to prolongate the time-frame for revalidation of Ratings including Medical to 2021.

Because a lot of Pilot did not have the possibilities to do their revalidation in time, because Schools and flying facilities had been closed the last weeks.
Please check with our License-Authority what they have decided.

Just tell us, if you need any help!

PBN-Performance-Based-Navigation, Required training for CPL

PNB - Performance-Based-Navigation Fly-in-Spain-Jerez with our  ATO (Punitz) is certified for PNB  - IR training Scope:  The new PBN regulations will require the following:  • From 25 August 2018 pilots may only fly in accordance with PBN routes and procedures after they have been granted PBN privileges as an endorsement to their Instrument Rating;  • All pilots will need to have PBN privileges within their Instrument Rating (IR) or Enroute Instrument Rating (EIR) after 25 August 2020. 

UK- Brexit - last update 1-2021

UK, now left the EASA.
there are still negotiation for the final status of the UK in relation to the EASA.

We - FLY-IN-SPAIN, now have a fully EASA license, directly from EASA and we can offer Training to all countries of the EASA.

What means, if you are already with any EASA Authority of the EU, you can continue with us with out any problem, your licence will be issued in the country where you are holding your Medical. as is was always in EASA

Students, or Pilot, still doing training with the CAA-UK, or Pilots still holding a UK-Licence, just contact us, we can guide you the way back to the EASA - just send us a mail...


update 15-9-2021                                       See below: Free COVID-Instruace !!

we are fully open !

all trainings are active !

and you can travel and fly in to Jerez!

according the last update form Spain and from the restrictions for Andalusia, we as a Flight-Training School are not restricted.

Just tell us when you like to start your planed planned training with us.

Southern Spain:

We can tell you, that Southern-Spain and especially our area - has a very low COVID rate - so you stay and your training with us is pretty save!

In case you may need a letter from us, to travel - because this is for business - Training reasons and therefore are no restrictions - not from Spain and not form the most of the other countries.
Just contact our office, they will provide this to you.

If you will need accommodation in Jerez, just contact us, we are in contact with several Hotels how will provide also special service for their clients.

All required safety features to provide you with a safe and relaxed training are in place.

As we all know now, the COVID-Virus, will be with us for a while, what means we have to live with "him" we will have some special features installed, to get the maximum safety for our Clients!

This are special disinfection of the Aircrafts, and a special disinfection system for our training rooms (UV-C lighting what is used in Hospitals - overnight) so in the morning when you are coming in... all will be clean..

And also the south of Spain, especially our area, Jerez and the entire Atlantic Coast, have hardly no cases, it will be one of the safest places to go.

And the Medical-Support in our area - is prepared for any upcoming problem, beds and treatment are available without any limit.

FREE COVID-Insurance

The government offers all visitors of southern Spain (Andalusia) a free HEALTH INSURANCE, against all efectos of a COVID infection.

please have a look at the DETAILS: PDF-COVID - INSURANCE

--> so you can travel relaxed, and in any case - you are fully protected!

looking forward to see you again!

The Fly-in-Spain-Team

EASA flight training Academy

We are certified by:


We are certified by EASA directly and you can conduct all you Flight-Training with us, from every EASA country.



you can conduct all Skill Test  and LPC with us,  as a holder of a any licence/Rating from every EASA country