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Commercial Pilot License



The Commercial Pilot Licence

The CPL consists of Theory training and Flight Training

The Theory training can be done via two options

  • Distance learning Program or
  • With our residential training program.

See the details...Theory Training

The Important thing to understand:

the CPL is only a License, you have to add Ratings like 

  • IR
  • ME-IR
  • HPA... and more

Normally all the Students/ Pilots complete the ATPL theory if they what to have the CPL, as the ATPL theory includes also the IR-Theory and it is only 1 more theory exam .

It is highly recommended to complete the ATPL theory, if you are training for the CPL, because then you can add the IR-Rating, which is mandatory for the most CPL pilots to be offered employment.

CPL Flight Training

The Commercial Pilot licence can to be done on a SEP (Single Engine Piston) or on a Multi Engine Piston Aircraft.

The total training flight time is 25 hrs.

If you are already holding a IR rating, it is only 15 hrs.

Requirements and details...

Start the CPL 
Licence issue CPL 


For the CPL you will need a medical Class 1

PPL licence

To start the CPL training you will need:

  • PPL from any country of the ICAO or EASA

Prior Expericence required to start

  • 100 hrs pilot in command (PIC)
  • 20hrs of cross country as PIC 
  • Night Rating
  • Passed CPL theory (13 Exams)  in one of the EASA countires

The issue of the CPL licence

  • You need to have 200 hrs of total flight time
  • Passed your CPL Skill test

Additonal ratings you can add to the CPL

  • IR  - instrument Rating
  • ME- VFR
  • ME - IR
  • HPA - High Performace
  • Type Rating of all Aircrafts and Types up to an Airbus 380...

This requires  different theory and practical flight training.

Validity of the CPL

The EASA  - CPL is valid for Life time

What you have to renew are the Ratings added to your CPL what will allow to exercise your privileges.

Theory Training 
Flight Training 

Distance Learning Program

Is the same as the ATPL distance learing program

only one subject less

...go and have a look in the Part "Theory Training"

CPL residential Theory Training

This is the same Theory-Training-Structure as in the ATPL- Semi Integrated Training just a subject less
...go and have a look in the Part "Theory Training"

CPL Flight Training

Consists of two Parts:

  • Basic Instrument flying

This consists of 10 hours basic Instrument training

which can be completed on the Simulator and in the Aircraft

  • CPL flight Training

This involves 10 hours on a SEP-Aircraft

and 5 hours on a Complex Aircraft (Variable Pitch Prop and rectable undercarriage).

Finish with a CPL skill test.

Alternatively the 5 hours complex can also be done on a Multi-Engine Aircraft. Than the Skill test have to be done on the ME-Aircraft.
To do the 5 hrs on ME-Aircraft, you have to do the ME-VFR rating before (or this will be additional 6 hrs flight training on ME and 8 hrs theory)

EASA flight training Academy

We are certified by:


We are certified by EASA directly and you can conduct all you Flight-Training with us, from every EASA country.



you can conduct all Skill Test  and LPC with us,  as a holder of a any licence/Rating from every EASA country