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Licence Training

for PPL, CPL and ATPL


Licence Training

We are offering Licence Training for EASA Licences according to 

EASA PART-FCL, the new European regulation.

All Licences in Europe are issued according this rules.

Our Approved Training Organisation (ATO) is entitled to train

  • PPL - Private Pilot Licence
  • CPL - Commercial Pilot Licence.

Qualifications that can be added to the licence are called ratings.

We are also offering training for all ratings for private and commercial pilots, including

  • Multi Engine Rating
  • Multi Engine Instrument Rating
  • Instrument Rating
  • Night Rating 
  • High Performance Rating

and a lot more...


Throughout the entire world, we have licensing operating under the regulation of 

  • ICAO - this is the world wide organisation where every country is a member
  • National Authorities

Two major groups of National Authorities are 

  • EASA - European Licence organisation
  • FAA - the Civil Aviation Authority of the United States of America


EASA has now been in force since 2013.

There are still some things in transition from the former European Rule - called JAR

There are still a lot of Pilots holding ICAO- Licences in Europe, which have to be finally converted to EASA licence by the 8th April 2014 and with some exceptions to the 8th of April 2015.

After this dates pilots are not allowed to fly EASA certified Aircraft anymore.

Former JAR licences

Do not require any conversion, they will be renewed with the next renewal of the Licence.
100 % of the privileges will be taken over.

Licence Conversion of ICAO Licences - we are specialists

Anyone that wants to fly in Europe, in European registered aircraft must hold an EASA licence.

We are specialised in ICAO to EASA licence conversion.

If you have any questions, just send us an email.

EASA flight training Academy

ATPL residential

on-going training - just join in!

We are certified by:


We are certified by EASA directly and you can conduct all you Flight-Training with us, from every EASA country.



you can conduct all Skill Test  and LPC with us,  as a holder of a any licence/Rating from every EASA country